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Conservative and comfortable family dentistry and implant treatment for our patients in Glenview

Smilin Dental has been the ultimate destination for patients throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area for more than three decades. Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Milin and Dr. Steven Bacalar, the compassionate and caring staff at Smilin Dental consistently exceed the family dental care expectations of their patients. Our highly trained team delivers a wide range of family dentistry, preventative care services, cosmetic procedures, and dental implants. Together with our patients, we strive to develop the most conservative and long-term family dental treatment plan. Whenever our neighbors from Glenview are looking for a top family dentist, Doctors Milin and Bacalar at Smilin Dental are here to help.

Providing family dental treatment to our neighbors and their families in Glenview 

Smilin Dental is located in Wilmette, and is conveniently serving our neighbors in Glenview, a village with nearly 48,000 residents in Cook County. We are well-known for our excellent and comprehensive family dental care. Further, we collaborate with our patients in our efforts to achieve the highest level of dental health and are known for creating treatment plans with many options, that are both comprehensive and long-term for our Glenview patients.

What you and your family can expect as a new dental patient

When you and your family visit Smilin Dental, you can anticipate receiving a complete and comprehensive examination. We will also discuss any concerns with you regarding your dental care and - after a careful analysis - the doctors at Smilin Dental will develop an individualized treatment plan specifically for you. We value education of our patients and providing information about all the options of treatment, so we truly work together as a partner in your long-term dental health with your best interests in mind. Whether patients see a family dentist for general family dental care or for cosmetic dentistry, you can be assured that Smilin Dental will always utilize the most sophisticated and recent technology available in order to achieve predictable and successful treatment.  


Family dentistry

Full-service dental office provides family, restorative, and general dentistry services. Create positive experiences to set the foundation for a lifetime of exceptional dental health.


Cosmetic dentistry

With the highest-quality materials and procedures, we can enhance the natural smiles of our patients to boost confidence and improve self-esteem.


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If you are looking for a new dental professional to grow with your family, are experiencing a dental problem, or want to improve the appearance of your smile, then we would love to help you.


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