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Cleaning and preventative

We recommend preventive hygiene care at appropriate intervals to maintain the health of your gum tissues.

We create a personalized oral hygiene regimen that is modified over time based on your individual needs. At your preventive visits, any dental concerns you have will be addressed and any oral appliances you bring will be cleaned and evaluated. In addition, we will perform an oral cancer screening.

Other preventive care we provide includes sealants to protect deep pits and fissures in teeth, in-office fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth, and remineralization therapy.

Diagnostic and preventative

At your initial examination we take a comprehensive medical and dental history, evaluate the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, and take necessary x-rays and appropriate digital photos. We also evaluate the integrity of existing restorations, check your occlusion (how the teeth function together) and your jaw joint, and discuss any cosmetic concerns. After a thoughtful analysis, diagnostic findings are blended with your needs and desires to create an individualized treatment plan.

Dental exam and cleaning

Our team provides complete exams and routine cleanings to remove bacteria and plaque from the mouth and teeth. Ongoing care can prevent problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, halitosis, and more. We educate our patients on practicing good oral hygiene habits and recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to set the foundation for a lifetime of dental health.

Oral cancer screening

A visual and tactile oral cancer exam and screening is done at your initial exam as well as each subsequent hygiene visit. Learn about the early indicators of oral cancer and methods for decreasing risk.


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Remineralization therapy

Remineralization therapy is an approach to treating decay that acknowledges the biologic fact that the enamel of a tooth has the ability to repair itself. We have developed a process to help patients take control of their oral environment and minimize the need for fillings to treat decay.

Learn about this treatment process that minimizes the need for fillings.

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Dental sealants

Typically recommended for our younger patients, dental sealants are a composite resin material that we bond over the pits and fissures (deep grooves) of back teeth. They are a great preventative service that we provide to help prevent future cavities.

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