We’re Back!

June 1, 2020

We are thrilled that our office is now open for routine dental care, hygiene appointments, and urgent treatment!

We have been working hard to reschedule appointments that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 office shutdown. If we have not yet contacted you and you would like to schedule your appointment, please call our office.

Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice. Below are our increased safety measures and disinfection protocols that you may notice at your next appointment:

Physical office modifications:

  • Installation of an entire office air filtration system

  • Removal of magazines, newspapers and toys, and some chairs from the reception area

  • Additional disinfection of all surfaces with hypochlorous acid (Hypochlorous acid is an EPA and FDA approved disinfectant that effectively kills bacteria and viruses, approved in food processing, and safe to ingest.)

  • Use of no-touch, infrared thermometers

  • Use of pulse oximeter units to check oxygen levels

PPE and physical distancing protocol:

  • Staff use of respirator masks (N95 or KN95)

  • Staff protection with face shields when appropriate

  • Staff will wear scrub jackets when appropriate

  • All staff members will wear masks and be screened daily

  • All patients will wear masks (except during treatment)

  • Scheduling and payment arrangements made over the phone or online if possible

Appointment and scheduling changes:

  • Staggered appointment scheduling to have only one patient at a time in the reception area

  • Additional time after every patient to thoroughly clean and disinfect the room

  • Request that each patient arrive at their scheduled appointment time (Please wait in your car and call our office line at 847-446-5868 when you arrive.)

  • Request that patients wear a mask, and bring their own protective glasses/sunglasses and headphones/music as desired

  • Ask patients to complete a pre-appointment screening questionnaire

What to expect when entering the office:

  • We will review screening questions

  • Disinfect your hands in the reception room with alcohol gel

  • Your temperature will be taken with no-touch forehead thermometer

  • Your oxygen saturation will be taken with a pulse oximeter

  • We will escort you to your treatment room with all your belongings

  • We will request that you disinfect your phone with a provided wipe

  • Rinse with a dilute anti-viral/anti-microbial solution

  • Disinfect your hands again with alcohol gel

Please know that all of these protocols have been implemented to protect you, other patients and staff. We will make the experience efficient and seamless for you, and continue to provide dental care that is both safe and comfortable.

Thank you for your understanding, support and loyalty! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Dr. Milin (847-922-4018)

Dr. Bacalar (847-341-9266)

Smilin Dental team (847-446-5868)

Smilin Dental

Smilin Dental


Our primary goal is to help our patients achieve a lifetime of comfort and function with their natural teeth.

Our primary goal is to help our patients achieve a lifetime of comfort and function with their natural teeth.


411 Linden Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091

(847) 446-5868

411 Linden Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091

(847) 446-5868