At your initial examination we take a comprehensive medical and dental history, evaluate the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, and take necessary x-rays and appropriate digital photos. We also evaluate the integrity of existing restorations, check your occlusion (how the teeth function together) and your jaw joint and discuss any cosmetic concerns. After a thoughtful analysis, diagnostic findings are blended with your needs and desires to create an individualized treatment plan.


We recommend preventive hygiene care at appropriate intervals to maintain the health of your gum tissues. We create a personalized oral hygiene regimen that is modified over time based on your individual needs. At your preventive visits, any dental concerns you have will be addressed and any oral appliances you bring will be cleaned and evaluated. In addition, we will perform an oral cancer screening.

Other preventive care we provide includes sealants to protect deep pits and fissures in teeth, in-office fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth, and remineralization therapy.


Bleaching with custom trays, ZOOM in office bleaching, bonding, porcelain veneers and cosmetic tooth reshaping are techniques which can be combined to create beautifully natural smile enhancements that boost self confidence and improve self esteem. We can also perform cosmetic gum reshaping to improve your smile.


We can control early to moderate gum disease with scaling and root planning (deep cleaning), localized or systemic antibiotics, antimicrobial solutions, specialized home care instructions, and frequent preventive visits.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea:

Dr. Milin has provided oral appliance therapy for over fifteen years. Oral appliances are scientifically proven medical devices that can prevent or ameliorate snoring and sleep apnea.

Bite Guards:

An oral appliance to help control stresses to the teeth and muscles. Such an appliance can slow the attrition of the teeth and help prevent gum recession.

Specialist Referral:

In order to provide the highest quality of care, we utilize the services of a group of outstanding specialists in this area:

  • Orthodontists - Provide braces or invisalign to create beautiful and functional teeth
  • Endodontists - Provide root canal therapy to save teeth that otherwise would require removal.
  • Periodontists - Provide care to treat and control gum disease. They also place titanium implants as a foundation to replace missing teeth.
  • Oral Surgeons - Provide care to remove teeth, evaluate and treat oral pathology and to place implants.


Treatment with implants begins with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning. We are the restorative leaders of an implant team that includes world class dental surgeons, radiologists and laboratory technicians. We have available world leading technology including innovative surgical and scanning guides and computer guided surgery based on cutting edge cad cam technology. With these techniques, placement and restoration of implants with naturally beautiful and functioning teeth is a highly successful and predictable process.


When a cavity develops in a tooth, it can be treated simply with a tooth colored restoration. When a tooth fractures or if it has large aging fillings, gold, porcelain to gold, or all porcelain onlays or crowns can restore the tooth to proper function. If a tooth is missing it can be replaced with an implant supported restoration, a tooth supported fixed bridge, or a removable restoration.


In addition to our commitment to being on time for your appointments, we offer headphones, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), pillows, blankets and oral medications to help control anxiety.

Remineralization Therapy:

Remineralization therapy is an approach to treating decay that acknowledges the biologic fact that the enamel of a tooth has the ability to repair itself. Dr. Milin has developed a process to help patients take control of their oral environment and minimize the need for fillings to treat decay.

New Patients:

Please "spread the word" about our practice to your friends, family and co-workers. Your referrals are an affirmation of our commitment to providing each patient with an outstanding dental experience.

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We are a dental team strongly committed to our patients. At our practice you will find genuine, comprehensive care. We respect your time; your appointments will begin on time. Together we will work to address your oral health needs. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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